The Indian music industry has witnessed an influx of diverse young talent over the past few years. With a plethora of music reality shows emerging, the entry into the Bollywood music industry has although become easier, surviving and making a mark has become the real challenge. But one such person, who is definitely here to […]

Which beats to sway, which day? Music is the best therapy, even the best friend for some! And for those who feel that the week just drags them along, we have a few suggestions to rock the week like a pro and yet get all the work done in your own sweet-comfy way! A good […]

The B-Town music scene in India is the stuff of legends. But did you know that there is an equally mystifying, electric underground music scene there? Fever FM takes a look. Some great bands? The F16S- Indie Fossils- Rock Agni Naysa Nasha Swarathma- Folk Ankur and the Ghalat family- Indie Indian Ocean- Folk And some […]

For aspiring DJs to become successful, it’s not enough anymore to have an excellent choice in music and being an impeccable mix talent. To be recognized as a DJ-talent these days, for starters you need to release your tracks under your own name, produced by yourself or by ghost producers. But it doesn’t stop there! […]

This post begins with a disclaimer. Having studied the 10,000 hours rule and also have seen people with barely any practice blow people’s minds, there is no golden number to this. However, here we have tried breaking it down to logic, more than numbers. All said and done, the more you practice the better you’ll […]

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