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Dilli Ke Do Dabangg, featuring RJ Addy and RJ Syd (a.k.a. Jack Gandotra) celebrates the vibe of the national capital and puts the word on the street on a beat and raps to the groove of the Swag Geet. Baad mein na kehna Addy important cheezein nahi batata hai, kyunki roz subah-subah gaa ke woh Swag Geet pe sunata hai. On the other hand, Jack Gandotra is the traffic expert and also speaks his old and funny mind on various things happening in the city.


Ek se badh ke do…dil Dilli hai aur attitude dabangg…Dilli ke do dabangg!

Dabangg Speak: Thanks for speaking your mind on the show, it matters to us!
There’s something special about the Dabanggs…
The Dabanaggs managed and executed the award-winning Kashmir and Ambulance First campaigns.
Some quick facts about RJ Syd:
Zodiac: Aquarius
Birthday: 27 January
Music for me is: Oxygen
My RJ style: Dabangg!
Favorite holiday destination: Home (Jammu)
Favorite movie: School of Rock
Favorite actors: My parents (melodramatic, senti people)
Favorite musicians: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Indian Ocean
I love: Everything God made
I hate: Everything humans spoiled
Some quick facts about RJ Addy:
Zodiac: Scorpio
Birthday: 10 November
Music for me is: Freedom
My RJ style: Dabangg part 2!
Favorite holiday destination: Marbella
Favorite movie: Scent of a Woman
Favorite actors: Tom Hanks, Amitabh Bachchan, Sylvester Stallone, Megan Fox
Favorite musicians: Martin Garrix, Hans Zimmer, Salim Suleiman
I love: Me
I hate: Liars

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