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Dysfunctional street lights are a threat to the safety of individuals – be it accidents or crime. Fever 104 FM Bengaluru in association with BBMP has taken up the initiative to ‘Light Up Bengaluru’. Let us know below where you have seen a dysfunctional street light and we will inform the authorities of the same. […]

RJ Jassi is a dreamer, a philosopher, an optimist, a curious cat, a people’s person, opinionated, dog lover, rebellious yet calm and fears nothing in the world. She dreams of climbing the Mount Everest someday, is perpetually confused about the food to eat, the dress to wear, the boy to date etc. She is forgetful, […]

Tune in, Monday to Friday, 007 am onward to Mad Mornings with Bangalore Ka Bond RJ Prithvi.   Check out his cool poster below.     Have a message for Bangalore Ka Bond? Shoot below and he will shoot back at you!

Gautam aur Fever FM ne iss Independence Day bola – Don’t be a Jhandu! We don’t think once before buying the Indian flag, which is a good thing. But we should think once before discarding it like we do after the big day is over. After all, it is the same flag for which millions […]

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