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Written by on July 13, 2017

Who are the real heroes of our country?

Fever Delhi RJ Lucky went out to find if people recognize the true heroes of our country. Here’s what he found.

Gautam aur Fever FM ne iss Independence Day bola – Don’t be a Jhandu!

We don’t think once before buying the Indian flag, which is a good thing. But we should think once before discarding it like we do after the big day is over. After all, it is the same flag for which millions of soldiers will readily lay down their lives.

Iss Kargil Vijay Diwas, sabne jashn aisa manaya, ki shor border paar pahucha.

Fever Voice of Change, Fever FM’s CSR initiative, in May 2017 launched ‘Bharat Positive’ along with India’s cricket hero – Gautam Gambhir. Through the initiative Gautam will spread awareness about positives in India that are generally ignored.

Gautam Gambhir ki jhijhak khatam. Aur aapki?

In the second Bharat Positive video posted on Fever FB page, Gautam urged Indians to let go off their deep seated ‘Jhijhak or Shyness’ and express their love and respect for the Indian Armed Forces. All they had to do was say thank you or click a selfie with a soldier and post with #SoldierSelfies.
Gautam has not only appealed others to post selfies but also has posted his selfies and videos with soldiers with #SoldierSelfies.
Gautam stated,’ I am overwhelmed by the large number of soldier selfies Indians are sharing with me, and with my association with Bharat Positive my endeavor is to thank India’s real heroes – soldiers of the Indian Armed and Security forces – and get many Indians to express the gratitude.’

Gautam Gambhir & Fever FM have set out to make Bharat, Bharat Positive.

Gautam has in the past too expressed his gratitude for the armed and security forces through initiatives and charity. The Gautam Gambhir Foundation had announced financial assistance for education of the children of 25 families of CRPF martyrs who passed away in Sukma attacks in Chhattisgarh. Funds have already been transferred to 6 families.
Gautam was deeply moved after the Sukma incident and heart goes out to those affected. He is leaving no stone unturned in providing his gratitude and moral and financial support to the families.

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