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Written by on September 3, 2020


As the lockdown bars us from going outside and hanging out with friends and peers, watching a nice movie or web series has become the respite for the weekends. A trend has been observed among the Bengali audience- a craving for thriller movies and web series. The fascination and adrenaline rush as the plot unravels and we dive deep into understanding the mystery, solve it in our minds and get an in-depth insight of different perspectives of human mind- the feeling is unparalleled!

Given how much we love devouring and re-watching thriller, here are 5 thriller movies which are a must watch!


Ayushman Khurana plays the role of a blind musician Akash. The trailer itself arouses suspicion in the mind of the audience- is he truly blind? Would Akash witness something that would change his life forever? How would he come out of this tangled web? Who is truly blind-someone who is unable to see or someone who chooses not to?




Misdeeds from the past return to haunt us! Four directors, four stories, one common theme – Death! The flashbacks merged with the present day form an interesting part of the narrative. Among the four stories the one with the reverse planchet and the other one where dead characters return for revenge are really baffling.




A story of revenge which starts with a death! Naina (TaapseePanu) is the primary suspect in the murder of her boyfriend Arjun. She hires Badal Gupta (Amitabh Bachchan), a senior advocate who has never lost a case in his forty year long career. The mystery gets entangled more and more as they attempt to discover the truth. Who enters and leaves from the locked room? Why would a blackmailer leave without taking the money?


A journey to unearth hidden treasures of the past and a peek into an interesting era of Indian history- the two movies are a must watch for people who love the mystery in history! Bengal holds a lot of secrets from the past-Shah Shuja’s hidden treasure before he fled to Arakan and Jagat Seth’s valuable gift to Raja Krishnachandra.

Sona Da (Abir), a History professor decodes the clues from a puzzle in Guptodhoner Sondhane and a song passed down across generations in Durgeshgorer Guptodhon. Apart from the cryptic codes, a quest to solve the mystery, challenges at every step as the trio- Sona Da, Abir and Jhinuk encounter the villains- the journey also gives a view of Bengali culture, traditions and values and how they are deeply entangled with our life.



An introvert person, Karthik (FarhanAkhtar) spends his whole life facing injustice, unable to protest or challenge others who attempt to discredit him, make him a loser until one day, when he receives a mysterious call from Karthik. The call changes his life! The caller Karthik helpsKarthik reach the height which he deserved; confess his love to Sonali (DeepikaPadukone). But would everything turn out good? Who is this mystery man? Are you ready to take the call?

If you have watched these movies earlier you know how worthy they are of re-watching! If you haven’t watched them yet, mark them as your weekend goal. Especially if you are a fan of thriller movies, what are you waiting for?

Please share in the comment section any other thriller movie you feel we should definitely try out. Also share your perspective and what you loved about these movies. Share with all your friends who love watching thriller! Follow Fever 104 FM- Kolkata for your Daily Dose of Entertainment.

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