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A show that talks about the life, time and moods of the 90s, and early 2000s. RJ Neel brings to you all that happened during that time - the changes in fashion and lifestyle, achievements in the field of sports, events that helped shaping the decades and impacted our lives - national, international and local, and of course, the songs back home which were a rage and ruled our hearts during that time - "College Classics" All this with message dedications. A show where listeners open up their hearts for their loved ones through messages....


Kaka noy mama noy amra holam the dada of entertainment!

Neel Speak: Eat sleep breathe & stay happy!
There’s something special about RJ Neel…
RJ Neel is an actor as well, having played some major roles with the leading actors & directors of contemporary Bengali cinema.
Some quick facts:
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birthday: 11 December
Birthday: 11 December
Music for me is: My own private vacation
My RJ style: Simple and sticking to the basics of radio
Favorite holiday destination: Wherever i’m with my family
Favorite movie: Countless
Favorite actors: Innumerable
Favorite musicians: Jeet Ganguly, Jatin Lalit, Salil Chowdhury, SD Burman
I love: My job
I hate: Getting up early in the morning
What inspired me to be an RJ: Radio

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