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Kanpur Live – RJ Sheba

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Tuesday 5:00 pm 8:00 pm

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Chappe-chappe ki khabar milegi idhar... Monday to Saturday 7 am to 11 am, infotainment aur samadhan ki dukaan, jahaan roz uthta hai "Maha-Mudda" aur RJ Sheba deti hai "Ye karke dikhao" dare.


Total Kanpuriya!

Sheba Speak: Follow your heart and your passion.
There’s something special about RJ Sheba…
She is one of the most experienced radio jockeys of the city.
Some quick facts:
Zodiac: Aquarius
Birthday: 19 February
Music for me is: Oxygen mask, mood switch, biggest turn-on
My RJ style: Bold, bindaas and bad-ass
Favorite holiday destination: Hills… Mountains… Valleys…
Favorite movie: Movies jo Censor Board ko hila de
Favorite actors: Irrfan, Nawazuddin, Big B, Vidya, Kangna
Favorite musicians: Anyone who can play my to my mood and taste
I love: Exploring new things
I hate: Summers
What inspired me to be an RJ: Radio is the best platform to speak and listen to people

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