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Ready Steady Po with RJ Sindhu charges the people of ‘Namma Chennai City’ and with full energy in the morning. Sindhu is the alarm clock of Chennai - she is the one who wakes up and shakes up the people for the day. She is the daily shot of energy you need to get your morning and your day going! The segments include BIRTHDAY BASH (the birthday wish segment gives my listeners a birthday gift they'll never forget), NANCY MAARI PAADADENGA (Chennai's very own Gulzar, Nancy entertains the city with her own lyrics on Bollywood songs) and CHENNAI CITY GANGSTA 2.0 (listeners fight it out to prove that they are true blue Chennaiites).


The energy shot of Chennai!

Sindhu Speak: Make your groggy mornings more interesting. Tune in to Ready Steady Po every morning from 7-11 am and you won’t be disappointed!
There’s something special about RJ Sindhu…
She’s a qualified dentist! No wonder she makes you smile so much.
Some quick facts:
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birthday: 8 Dec
Music for me is: Emotions
My RJ style: Morning sunshine on the radio
Favorite holiday destination: The hills and mountains that call me, especially Bhutan
Favorite movie: Mouna Raagam
Favorite actors: Vijay Sethupathi
Favorite musicians: Illayaraja
I love: To eat, shop., sleep, repeat.
I hate: Waking up early…but hey, I have to do that every day. ????
What inspired me to be an RJ: I loved listening to Radio as a kid and was always curious to put a face to the voice that I heard. This curiosity turned into love for Radio.

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