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The upcoming festive season presents an enormous opportunity to all of us with its promise to bring much needed cheer amongst the consumers. Keeping this in mind we, at Fever Network, have launched our Festive campaign with exciting initiatives lined up for the upcoming festivals -Navratri, Durga Puja, Dusshera, Diwali and Christmas.

The campaign, integrating our Radio, Digital, Print and Podcast platforms, offers multiple partnership avenues to enable your brands and businesses drive highest reach, impact and engagement.

31 Million + Radio listeners and 1.8 Million + Social Media Reach



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  • Fastest growing Contemporary Bollywood  Station
  • No. 1 in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata as per RAM
  • Urban, SEC AB Listeners
  • 18-40 yrs, always updated with the latest trends
  • Tie-ups with the latest and most popular songs and movies
  • Exclusive music tie up with 70% of Bollywood
  • Powering the sports and cricket revolution in the country
  • Pioneer of radio dramas - Mahabharata, Ramayana, Jai Bajrangi etc.
  • Strong CSR legacy Impacting 1Lakh+ lives over the last 4 years
  • Only station to be recognized by the PMO thrice for its CSR campaigns
  • Home to the most popular RJs Picture Pandey, Loveguru Rahul Makin, Superwomaniya Stutee and many more
  • A strong digital media presence across various social media platforms
  • India’s first cool retro station
  • Most listened to retro radio station in Mumbai
  • Time Spent Listening of 398 mins as per  RAM
  • Bringing alive the excitement, romance and attitude of the magical eras of 1970s-1990s
  • Urban SEC AB listeners
  • 30-50 yrs , MF, Nostalgia is a significant theme in their lives.
  • For the Lively Gen X & Millennials. Young , Energetic and Classy
  • Pioneer in Celebrity programming
  • Innovative content like Nasha Premier Nights, Nasha Photo Studio rooted in Nostalgia
  • Celeb RJs - Anil Kapoor with Jhakaas Mornings, Shakti Kapoor in Crime Master Gogo Show, Satish Kaushik in the Filmy Calendar Show etc.
  • Popular RJs like  RJ Rohini, RJ Anmol, RJ Peyush, RJ Aakriti & RJ Adaa on social media platforms
  • India’s only differentiated radio network
  • Best International content, interviews, trivia about global celebrities – Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore
  • SEC A listeners, global, trendy with a strong self-identity
  • 20 – 40yrs, seek high quality lifestyle
  • Community of intelligent and digital savvy audience
  • Curated shows around food, music, sports, travel and fitness
  • Globally celebrated RJs - Ryan Seacrest, Casey Kasem
  • Strong communities built by properties led by Ranveer Singh in Get Some Sun & Rajeev Masand in Platinum Class
  • Only radio station associated with global events like U2 concert, Justin Bieber concert, Sula Fest & Vh1 Supersonic
  • Home to popular RJs like RJ Hrishi K, RJ Annie, RJ Aniket and many more

India's first B2B e-commerce marketplace for syndicated & productised content -

Best-in-class content from one of the largest media companies

1000+ hours of content available across 8 different categories & 10 popular genres

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Radio Listeners
1.8 MN+
Social Media Reach
15 Cities
Presence Across India
No. 1
Radio Station in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore(non Kannada)

Our Solutions

Client Solutions

"What can we solve for you today” is our motto. Whether it’s story telling, brand salience, Top of mind recall, instant sales, ROI or anything that you can muster, you’ve come to right section. Simply leave your thoughts with us and we’ll send across the perfectly baked solution along with the right recipe for execution

RJ Mentions

As the name suggests an “RJ mention” is when a host integrates clients/ business content seamlessly into their show to ensure that the key product elements via story telling are passed on to the listeners subtly. RJ mentions help in brand integration and brand saliency over a period of time

Show Sponsorship

Show Sponsorship helps build continuous “top of mind recall” between the product and the listener. Sponsorship of our radio shows extends this very “top of mind connect” and this leads to “brand saliency” which our team helps you achieve through various permutations and combination over a specific time frame. Show sponsorship extends to brand sampling, brand unboxing and a whole lot more


Want to ensure that your brand stays forever in our listeners mind for a really long time, then simply consider a “road block”. As the name suggest a road block will ensure that the client is the only one on the radio for a fixed period, thus ensuring complete “Top of mind recall” in the shortest span possible. It really helps you plaster the town with your brand

Outdoor Broadcast

Outdoor broadcasts are extensions of your brand on the radio. Through “outdoor broadcasts” listeners and the hosts get straight into action and broadcast  the real picture. “Outdoor broadcasts”  are executed on our radio and our social media pages. They can vary from a couple of radio links to  an entire show being broadcast from the clients venue, a product launch, an IT park, a marathon etc the list is endless.


Contests ensure that our listeners learn the key elements of your product and also help in product sampling in a fun manner , besides helping you build product loyalty

Syndicated Radio Shows:

Riding on select syndicated radio shows  via sponsorship help build in Top of mind recall  over a period of time. Think famous “toothpaste”  brand  of yester years or the current Mahindra blues show on Radio one and  we will help you ensure that your brand rides on the right show based   on your product to derive the right results

Digital Activations & Content

Yoga Bootcamp - Biggest Virtual Yoga Bootcamp

On International Day of Yoga, 2021, Fever Network executed the biggest virtual Yoga Carnival, #FeverYogaBootCamp with Yoga Gurus, Celebs and Health & Nutrition experts!

Learn from the best on how to tackle the current situation and bounce back inspired. Join us with Celebs, Influencers & Industry experts!

Bounce Back Bharat
Solu Mixes -

Some melodies have a special place in our hearts, Tara brings some of the melodies songs for us every week

Encouraging the listener's imagination with storytelling new episodes every week.

Insta Storyz -

Then we will give you a chance to meet your favourite stars!

Submit your details to enquire about the opportunities for content integration and creation.

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Our Success Stories

Investors Clinic
Investors Clinic

“Mission Azadi” to breathe life into Real estate sector for Covid recovery

Radio +Digital - A Killer combo?
Radio +Digital - A Killer combo?

The multiplier effect of the combination of Radio and Digital advertising

Radio Listenership Surges
Amidst Lockdown

During the lockdown India tuned-in to Radio:

  • Total Radio listening time grew by 28% in Urban India
  • 4% Increase in listenership, 51 Mn Listeners in Urban India
  • Average time spent listening to Radio has gone up to 156 Mins
  • Mobile is the preferred mode of listening to Radio
  • Radio is considered to be highly credible for news and information by urban India

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Client Testimonials


Marketing Manager
(Mitsubishi Electronics)

The professionalism and personalized service that we got from Fever is unlike any other Radio we worked with and they made us feel socomfortable. Incredibly trustworthy and high value! On behalf of Mitsubishi Electric India, it is my pleasure to recommend other brandsto work with fever. I couldn't be happier for choosing fever as my promoter on air. From my first meeting to the final step of design andexecution, Fever's team was truly amazing! They showed such care, professionalism, honesty and creativity for everything related to mybrand. Thank you!

Prasenjit Saha

Director — West Bengal

Our association with Fever network has been extremely fruitful and has added new dimensions in promoting our brand to consumers.During the last year, we have had some exceptional plans from the Fever team and associated with various activities each month —Christmas, ATK and Women’s Day to name a few. With such effective brand promotions, Fever FM has helped enhance our brand valueto a large extent. I would give full marks to Fever FM for being a partner in promoting Monginis as a brand in the most effective way.


Head Branding
(Edicover Group of Hospital, India)

Part of Europe & Health care group, Medicover Hospitals has presencein 13 countries across the world with 100 medical centers, 2500 beds and 2 millionpatients treated every year. Our association with Fever FM has helped us innovateour branding strategies for the maximum reach.


Vice President Marketing
(iBall India)

To reach out to our potential customers, we have devised and implemented ample of trend setting digital and traditional mediacampaigns recently. Fever FM has been one of the aggregators; their distinctive solutions and meticulous approach towards ourobjective has yielded us good leads and conversions.


Head - Marketing
(Ford India)

Ford has been advertising with Radio Nasha from 2017 onwards, we've constantly worked on various integrations and concepts aroundIPL, Ganesh Chaturthi, Classic Wedding and many more. Thanks to Radio Nasha Team for bringing up such innovative partnerships forconsideration to us!


Sr. VP
(Sales & Marketing Esselworld)

We are committed to enhance our offerings through greater focus on innovation and keep wining citizens' heart. In this endeavor, wethank our partner fever FM 104 who continues to lend support and helps brand fulfill its commitment.

Surya Prakash Reddy

General Manager Marketing
(Atria Convergence Technologies Limited — ACT FIBERNET)

We have associated with Fever FM ever since its inception in Hyderabad. Firstly it was a natural move from our end given the kind ofTGs that the channel was catering to, more so for its innovative content and engaging ideas, which has enabled us to keep coming backagain and again. RJs and the service teams have helped our brand engage well with our target groups and has allowed us to gain strongfoot hold in the markets.

Ravindra Jha

Marketing Head

We have had association with Radio Nasha since 2018. We have constantly worked on various innovative concepts that help us toachieve our target goal. All thanks to Radio Nasha team for bringing up such innovative partnerships for consideration to us. Best wishesto the team!

Ratan Lal Agarwal

(R R Agarwal Jewellers)

For the last couple of years, 94.3 FM Radio One has always come up with fresh and innovative ideas to promote my brand. I would liketo extend my thanks to 94.3 FM Radio One family for always being a partner in promoting my brand with such enthusiasm andinnovation.

Deepak Saluja

Vice president , Head ( Brand, Product , Channel Marketing ) and investor Education

For over three years, Radio One has helped us build a reliable recall for the UTI Swatantra investor education initiative. We chose RadioOne for their differentiated content offering and the preference amongst both young and key influencer segments. Also, the kind of RJtalent both in terms of their ability to hold meaningful conversations resulting in building the consumer interest and stickiness. We areglad we consciously chose Radio One as our strategic partner.

Our Clients