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TikTok on the Clock?

Written by on November 18, 2019

There isn’t a chance that you haven’t heard of TikTok. ‘What it does?’, ‘Why do people use it?’, are some of the questions that have become irrelevant with time and this article stays away from answering these rhetorical questions.

What you are going to read further, is what is it that the platform is trying to concentrate on, that is making it harder for the generation to part ways with!
While some of us know TikTok because of the screen captured WhatsApp videos of the most hilarious kind we have come across and have been circulated relentlessly on our family groups, some others know it because of the popular hashtag challenges that have set a new benchmark for ‘virality’. If somehow you have escaped the heavy downpour both these things, then the movie ‘Bala’, where TikTok occupies long enough a screen time, has definitely made you familiar with this app.

With its name based on the sound of a ticking clock, TikTok allows users to make short format videos, with a suite of editing tools, filters, stickers and most importantly the ‘hashtags’. But the feature responsible for this app to stand out in the clutter is letting the users to collaborate on content while being in different locations by creating split screen “duet” videos.

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The platform is said to have an addictive quality, which will draw you in and glue your eyes to the screen till you fall asleep. While social media, in general, seems to have this massive power of attention grabbing, what is unique about TikTok is what it tries to do for better engagement. Simply put in words, if other apps try to serve you dinner based on the preferences listed by users, TikTok is that restaurant that orders you dinner by watching you just look at food.
Another reason for its widespread popularity is the fact that it is built around music, which cuts across language barriers and includes videos which never become dated. And thus, the pile of user-generated content keeps getting bigger with more and more content for the eyes of the world.


So next time you want to consume some really good content, just log on to this meme factory app, but make sure you have ample of time in your hands, as this app is guaranteed to transport you to a whole new world of entertainment.

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